When To Use Car Body Filler Putty

When the repair is as close to the original shape as can be achieved through working the metal, car body filler is applied and shaped. With shallow repairs, body filler putty can be used as it requires minimum shaping and sanding. This product is also applied to larger repairs as a final skim coat to assure a flat and perfectly shaped repair finish.

This coat simply fills in some minor dips or unevenness on the surface which working the steel or previous coats of heavy grade fillers could not get rid of. These dips would be barely visible to the naked eye. However, application of paint makes any waves or discrepancies easy to spot.


When to use car body filler putty

In the case of larger repairs, it is best to first apply a deep filling filler such as ProWorx Pearl which has great structure and build. ProWorx Silk is the finest filler in the ProWorx range and is mostly used by professionals within the automotive industry as a final coat for its superb finishing qualities.

Car body filler putty is ideal for minor repairs or dents and is extremely useful for small, quick repairs. Apply the product to a prepared surface and, due to its nature, it cures quickly and can be sanded with a fine grade of sandpaper meaning that the surface is straight away ready for primer or paint with minimum preparation. Its fine grain talc ingredient means that it results in a very tight grain finish, so it is averse to creating pin-holes which make it ideal as a finishing filler.


Final skim coating or finishing

Most large repairs use a universal strong build filler, such as ProWorx Swift or ProWorx Elite, to fill the initial repair area.

Although these products get used prior to the finishing point, due to their nature, they can sometimes have a less flat and glaze-like finish. The viscous and liquidity of putty fillers means that they are excellent as a final levelling coat over such repair zones and offer a perfectly flat surface to paint upon. It is these qualities that make auto body filler putty a favourite among professional auto body workshops, as they offer a premium standard of finish, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Choosing the right body filler product for the job

The type of filler used is dependent entirely upon the job at hand, and the level of ability of the person carrying out the repair. In reality, any grade of filler is used to make a repair, but a true auto body mechanic will understand the pros and cons of each.

It is also important to remember that for a professional level of finish it is often necessary to choose products depending on what stage of the repair you are at, or even the level of damage involved.

But if you are purchasing filler for a job at home than I would recommend basing the decision on the size of the repair that you need to do. From that point, it is much easier to understand which of the products is best suited. If the repair is small or if you wish to finish off a larger repair, then ProWorx Silk Finishing Glaze Filler Putty is ideal


ProWorx develops and produces polyester based filler products for the professional automotive industry. If you have any queries about our products, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who are standing by to take your call. We are happy to discuss bulk orders as well as small shipments.



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