Types Of Car Body Filler Products And What They Are Used For

The makeup of car body filler compound consists of multiple elements, including polyester (fibreglass) resin and talc. The talc powder incorporated is the very same as everyday talcum powder. But the grade of the talc is what dictates the type of filler produced.

High Build Car Body Filler

The heavier or bulkier grade of powder talc produces a product that is very easy to sand and has strong build properties. Its consistency is smooth, and this allows for easy application and shaping. This type of product, such as ProWorx Swift, is for all types of repairs. It is high-build filler with a rapid drying time.

The quick drying time of this car body filler product means it is easy to sand and does not clog abrasives. Such a high-load filling capacity make this grade of product an all-around filler which is easy to apply. It is ideal for large and heavy load repairs with large damage surface areas, as well as working perfectly on small repairs. The quick drying and quick sanding attributes of this product make it excellent at minimising both valuable time and effort.

Premium/ Universal Body Filler

Following this is the next grade of car body filler, which is a premium grade which has extremely easy sanding properties. This level of material is suitable for repairing scratches and dents on all surfaces. It is a tighter grain filler with great finish qualities. Products like ProWorx Elite are very popular due to its versatile nature and quick drying time. This type of product is ideal for all common substrates including mild steel, aluminium, galvanised steel and GRP including SMC. Its viscous nature means that it is used throughout the repair process and applied to a multitude of repair types. This product has such a range of applications that it is dependable, no matter what the situation.

Car Body Putty Filler

Putty fillers are a result of one of the finest grade talc ingredients, these have a smoother consistency and sit flat on repairs. They also have a much tighter grain and due to this are far less prone to pinholes, as seen with ProWorx Pearl which is an ultra-light filler putty. This product is designed for both great filling and shaping characteristics and an excellent capacity for finishing work.

Putty fillers are a perfect choice for small repairs as well as the levelling out any last surface imperfections before the priming process. This type of product is used for professional grade auto body repairs and facilitates a finish which reflects this.

Finishing/ Glazing Putty Filler

Finally, we come to the smoothest of the smooth, glazing putty. The mixture of fibreglass resin and extremely fine talc, make sure this compound flows smooth and yet still has a powerful adhesion quality. This filler is a very high-grade product which is usually for the professional automotive repair industry. These products, such as ProWorx Silk Glazing Putty, are the best choice when seeking an extremely high quality of finish on an automotive repair.

This product is ideal for repairing small imperfections and as a last skim coat to produce a mirror flat surface. Its consistency means that it is extremely good at levelling surfaces and the nature and smoothness of the compound make it easier to sand with fine grades of sandpaper. Of all the fillers available, this is probably the most important to the professional. This product is used as a last coat application to finish off all repairs before painting or priming.


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