View the testimonials from the users of our innovative Car Body Filler range

Distributor Testimonials

The following testimonials are from distributors, if you continue down on the feed you will find testimonials from end-users such as crash repair body shops. 


Fisher Motor Factors

“P. What made you change from your existing body filler supplier to ProWorx?
F. Exclusivity, obviously we’ve got a certain area and if people like it we’ll keep the business.

P. How has ProWorx impacted your business?
F. We haven’t been selling it that long, just five or six months, but generally, the feedback has been quite positive. It’s been hard work converting from an existing brand like U-Pol because obviously they have got the name but generally people now are coming round to utilising a different product.

P. What do you like about ProWorx?
F. ProWorx is offering something different from a distribution point of view compared to U-Pol which everyone is offering. We are not into a price war, its about quality.

P. How do ProWorx differ from other suppliers you have used in the past?
F. It comes back to exclusivity. The service has been very good, we can’t fault it.

P. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate ProWorx?
F. 9″


Panel Shop 2000 Ltd

“We sold Tetrosyl before with U-Pol Fantastic. We are finding that ProWorx body filler is so good that we’ve stopped supplying the other one.”

“The Pearl is a good substitute for the Fantastic and having the whole range is really good. It’s well presented, nice tins and everything. We are really pleased with it.”



B & R Factors

“It’s like anything, if it was bad you would have someone on the phone straight away and if it’s good you never hear from them ever again. And that’s exactly what’s happened with ProWorx. We’ve got a couple of guys in a business attached to us and Paul uses all the products and he loves it.”

“He’s more than happy with it and it’s the same with a couple of customers who have spoken to me. It’s going out the door constantly and we’ve not heard a bad word said about it. I can’t fault it and the price is good. Everyone seems to be happy.”



BodyShop Testimonials

The following are testimonials from ProWorx product end-users such as crash repair body shops and gives insight into how they find the product range.


Carmichaels ARC

“It’s fantastic. It’s better than the competition in every way, it’s easier to rub down, it’s quick drying, but doesn’t dry out to the bottom of the tin, there are no pinholes, it can be used on metal and plastic, it’s brilliant.”

“I’ve used it ever since Steve introduced me to it when he worked at AutoParts and I’ve used it all the time since then.”



Autowise Vehicle Services

“It’s fantastic, to be honest. The product is really good. I used to use a lot of U-Pol stuff and I didn’t have much problem with it, with the cheap stuff you expect to have problems, but with the higher end of brands now and again we used to get pin holing in the filler, but with ProWorx we don’t, there’s no shrinkage on there, it is absolutely a pleasure to work with.”



Old Tythe Garage

“ProWorx is really, really good, over and above the products I have been using in the past. It does everything it is supposed to do. It’s a really good product. I’ve used all the available body filler products over the years. I was a big Plastic Padding fan for years but now I’ve tried ProWorx, I’m a convert, it is great.”

“The texture and when you are spreading it is much finer, ‘buttery’ whereas some of the other ones are coarse by comparison and not so ‘buttery’ or smooth like ProWorx.”

Phil Myer (owner/manager)


Smurfs Body shop

“I have been using ProWorx for about two years and have had no trouble with it at all.  I’ve tried various other products in the range, the Fibreglass filler range and the Plastic Bumper Filler and I just don’t have any problems with it. There are no pinholes, no sinking. I really like the Silk and Elite fillers.”

“It’s reliable, has a good shelf life. Steve (Blewitt) is great, anything we need to know we just give him a ring and he answers the question straight away.He’s very good technically, very good.”



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Why choose ProWorx?

Dedicated service and supply

We provide dependable distribution, fast supply, on-time support and limitless technical knowledge to our consumer base. Adding value to our customers is at the very core of everything we do.

Innovation and quality

ProWorx is developed to the exacting standards of today’s motor industry, we aim to provide unmatched trust and reliability through constant product innovation and rigorous quality standards.

Tailored industry solutions

We are dedicated to constantly investigating the needs of our customers and industry. This allows ProWorx to supply an ever-evolving range of products which cater to every type of crash repair scenario.