Premium bodyfiller experts ProWorx continues to expand its product range with the launch of a dispenser unit for Pearl ultra-lightweight bodyfiller developed to give consistently accurate applications.

Ergonomically designed and easy to operate, the dispenser avoids common problems such as overmixing which wastes money and undermixing which can lead to filler not adhering to the substrate properly causing sinkage, potential instability and the likelihood of pinholing. With the ProWorx dispenser there is no wastage of product because it delivers the correct amount of filler every time, saving time as well as money. Pearl is a versatile, ultra-lightweight filler with excellent adhesion qualities.  It’s fine texture requires less sanding and enables it to be shaped to closer tolerances. Another advantage of Pearl is its white colour which means less primer is required to cover it.

As an opening offer to this launch the dispensers are free when you buy six ProWorx Pearl cartridges.

Jon Parker, Managing Director, Byteback Group commented: “We’ve extensively tested ProWorx Pearl prior to it being available in a dispenser through our Robotica gas catalytic arches and although it is more tolerant than most other fillers of over or undermixing hardener, adhesion, pinholing and sinkage, the introduction of this great new dispenser guarantees a perfect result every time and eliminates hardener wastage.”

Commenting on the new product Peter Shortt, National Sales Manager, ProWorx  said: “After extensive research our new dispenser has been designed and developed to give maximum versatility. It will complement the modern work trend which is towards mobile work stations or it can be used in a more traditional format of being wall mounted. We designed it to be a fixed ratio mechanism to serve the correct amount of filler quickly and effortlessly so technicians are not overmixing or undermixing product. With the trend towards repair over replace and pressure on costs per job we anticipate a high demand for this innovative bodyfiller dispenser.”


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