ProWorx are proud to announce that 2017 sees the launch of the new Silk Premium Finishing Glaze Putty pouch. Our Silk Glaze Putty auto body filler is a premium grade finisher, which is ideal for flawless and smooth application. The product formula provides excellent adhesion as well as fantastic sanding qualities to deliver a high-class and professional standard repair finish.

This new and ingenious flexible pouch packaging offers a modern level of portability and convenience for this versatile automotive repair product. It also acts to protect the high quality two-part polyester finishing product from moisture, air and light, ensuring constant freshness for the product’s flow-like qualities. Furthermore, the mobility offered by this new and inventive stand-up-pouch is extremely convenient for use even during the most awkward of repair situations.

The nozzle aperture built into the packaging enables careful measurement of product usage and helps to cut down on excessive waste, therefore resulting in financial savings within large consumption work environments. Such innovative packaging also ensures a longer shelf life for the product by restricting elemental exposure. This new design results in easy space-saving storage within all retail, workshop or a home repair environments.

Such ingenious packaging also integrates the means for the exact mixing ratio of the hardener and filler. This is achieved by the dynamic nozzle aperture which is specifically designed to release a volume of product in correlation to the volume released by the catalyst tube nozzle. As a line of Silk filler gets expelled from the packaging on to a mixing board it is necessary to only match the length of product with half the distance of hardener and directly mix.

Accordingly, the nozzle designs on both the filler and hardener products work in tandem, using this technique the hardener releases its product in a mix ratio of 2-3% to the filler product nozzle. This ensures a perfect mix, negating the risk of using too much, or too little, catalyst which can result in notable defects in repair finishes such as bleeding, staining and bleaching etc.

ProWorx Silk is an extremely versatile product designed for use on a range of substrates including mild steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, glass fibre and SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound). This new convenient and lightweight packaging allows for improved user experience in areas such as mobility, storage and eventual packaging disposal.

For any more information relating to the ProWorx product range, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. The ProWorx range delivers high standard professional finishing by staying on the cutting edge of the latest in crash repair technology.

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