The Best Car Body Filler Application Guide

ProWorx develops and manufactures an extensive range of the best body filler products for the professional industry as well as for private use. Our range of products covers every need when it comes to crash and damage repair, making it one of the best car body filler products available.

Choosing The Best Body Filler For Your Repair

Choosing the best body filler for your repair is always the first step. All filler, putty filler, fibreglass filler and plastic fill products that ProWorx produce is done so to the highest industry standards. However, it is important to understand that different repair types are suited to different filler product types. The ProWorx range has a product for every repair type and size, including large deep damage areas, small shallow damage, surface damage, plastic damage, rust damage and much more. First, examine the damaged area to be repaired and then view our products and choose the best body filler suited to that repair type

The following is a step by step guide showing how to undertake application of this versatile product range in a professional setting.

Mixing Body Filler

After choosing the best body filler for your repair type it is extremely important to mix the product on a proper mixing surface and doing so plastic applicators. These mixing surfaces come as a solid plastic mixing board or as a board of treated paper. The product is altered when mixed on an untreated board. It impacts the drying times and the quality of the end result. It is also advised to apply the product to a panel which is heated for best results. This ensures the temperature of the fillers is not altered during the drying phase. This means that the catalytic process within the product happens under optimum conditions.

Applying Body Filler

Mix the product to satisfaction using the plastic applicator and mixing board, now it is time to apply the product to the surface. Load in your chosen best body filler evenly with the applicator, be sure to layer it on using slight pressure as this will help to push out any air bubbles and lessen the probabilities of pin-holes. Obviously, if you are using the ProWorx Swift or ProWorx Pearl products, there is less of a need for this. Build your fillers up a little past the height of the repair and then work the edges in a radius around the damaged area. Your fillers will cover a wider area than the initial damage zone.

Sanding Body Filler

When sanding your first coat of chosen best body filler for your particular repair type, and it will take a series of coats depending on the size of the damage, you will notice any unevenness on the surface. This is completely normal as the filler seeks to fill the cavity. Check the surface by feel to see where the low spots are and where needs further applications. One trick for this is after your initial skims, is to begin sanding the filler surface and then stop and spray a dust coat of Matt Black aerosol over the surface. Once this dries and you begin to sand again the sandpaper will clean the flat surface area and leave the black on the low point, making it very easy to find where you need to apply further fillers.

Feathering Body Filler (Feather Edging)

Once happy that the surface is as flat as you can get it, sand out any deep sandpaper marks by moving through successive grades of sandpaper (e.g. from 120-240-320 grade). Then you can begin prepping it for primer and paint. To be sure of a proper and professional looking mirror finish on your work, apply a skim coat of ProWorx Silk Glazing Putty. This viscous filler will level out the surface and fill in any pesky pinholes. It is extremely easy to sand. Once dry, clean down the surface with 320 sandpaper and be sure the surrounding area and repair run even with each other. Do not to leave any scratch marks or edge unevenness that may resurface after painting, this process is known as feathering.          `

Masking For Primer And Painting

Finally, blow off any dust residue and if possible clean down the surface using a degreaser and tack cloth. Tack cloth’s are sticky cloth’s that help remove any dust or dirt that may get stuck under the primer and paint coats. Then simply mask around the area with foam edge tape or masking tape and apply even coats of primer/ paint. Apply a heat lamp to the panel to vastly improve curing time if this is an available option.


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