Pearl Lightweight Putty Body Filler by ProWorx
Pearl Lightweight body filler

PEARL | Ultra Lightweight Filler

ProWorx® Pearl Lightweight Body Filler is a high-performance, multifunctional and versatile polyester filler putty designed for both its great build characteristics and its excellent capacity for finishing work.

This is a smooth and ultra lightweight body filler putty is a premium formula with superior spreading and sanding properties, developed specifically to combat the challenges of modern crash repair.

Its ultra lightweight consistency spreads with great structure, which means it applies really easily while still delivering great build characteristics. Ideal for use throughout the repair process and developed to give a high-quality paintable surface finish.

This is an extremely versatile body filler which delivers top class results across all repair types, and any stage, of the crash repair process.

Pearl Lightweight Body Filler Putty is available in a 1.3L dispenser tin and 2.5L tin

Pearl Lightweight Body Filler Putty is also compatible with the latest curing processes:

Pearl Lightweight Body Filler is smooth and high-grade creamy texture delivers superior spreading and sand-ability qualities, which mean a faster and easier repair process due to a reduced key to key time. The finished result is a high-quality paintable surface finish.

For even faster drying time Pearl is compatible with gas catalytic drying systems such as (Robotica and SYMACH) as well as conventional IR (infra-red) system.

  • (Air Dry): Typical gel time is approximately 4-5 minutes at 20ºC and is fully cured and sandable after approximately 15-20 minutes at 20ºC.
  • (Infra-Red Drying): Typically, 10 to 12 minutes at the appropriate distance.
  • (Symach Flydry system): Typically, 2 minutes with correct application.

Pearl Lightweight Body Filler Putty is perfect for a variety of substrates:

This highly innovative lightweight body filler is perfect for a multitude of surface applications, ensuring you get the perfect finish every time.

  • Mild Steel
  • Aluminium
  • GRP Including Sheet Moulded Compounds (SMC)
  • Sound original paintwork
  • Zinc coated steel

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Step by Step

How to repair a car panel using ProWorx Car Body Filler

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